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Hello there!

My name is Salvador Posada, I am a business & marketing Coach & Consultant, and the founder of A.C.C.E.S.S. Freedom Marketing, a marketing agency that helps Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators to attract, convert and keep high-paying Clients.

Quick story (and embarrassing confession)…

After working in management for a large company in the Silicon Valley for 7 years that eventually moved its operations to another country, I had no idea what I would do next to earn a living and take care of my wife and our then 1 year old baby.

At the time, I was introduced to Robert Kiyosaki’s books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Cashflow Quadrant” where I learned that some of the biggest differences between the poor, the middle class and the rich have to do with:

1. How they each think about money.

2. What they do to earn or make their money.

3. What they buy with the money they earn.

I learned that the poor & middle class usually trade their time for money and, since time is limited, so is their income.

I also learned that the wealthy use business systems that generate profits and/or invest their money to generate more money. So, their businesses and their investments work for them.

At some point, I decided to become an Entrepreneur and build my own business.

That journey took me through many ups and downs, lots of embarrassing, failed ventures (sigh…), wasted time and money, lots of frustration and disappointment (Wow… is this depressing or what?!).

I spent countless nights praying to God for guidance and wisdom, and I thank Him because He always took care of me and my family, and He continues to do so.

Eventually, after reading what feels like “thousands” of books on personal development, business, direct response marketing, copywriting and sales; after countless seminars, webinars, courses, and workshops; and after deciding to hire mentors that could show me the way, I started to figure things out.

By God’s grace, I now work from the comfort of my home office (No more wasting hours in 5-mile-per-hour, Bay Area traffic! Yes, thank you!).

I now set my own hours. I don’t have to ask for permission to a boss to skip work to attend important family events, take my boys to their sports practices or tournaments, family vacations, or go on missions trips.

And, I can make a bigger impact and contribution in the world.

My calling now is to help purpose & mission-driven Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Speakers, & Sales Professionals (hence, “A.C.C.E.S.S.”, see what I did there? wink, let’s call them “ACES” to make things easier, shall we?) to get clarity on their programs and their ideal clients, create packages that get their Clients or students the results they want, and attract and keep awesome, high-paying Clients that they enjoy working with.

I chose to help and empower those types of individuals (as opposed to other businesses or professions) because I know the impact they can have on their Clients and students with the knowledge and experience they possess that can transform a person’s life (and, more often than not, transform the lives of those around them for the better) in the areas of health & fitness, relationships (marriage & parenting, for example), personal development, overcoming fears or emotional pain, spiritual growth, financial stability, vocational matters and so many more areas.

So, technically, by me helping ACES become successful, I’m indirectly impacting the lives of their clients and students as well. I think that’s pretty awesome.

If you’re ready (truly ready) to have a breakthrough and become the Entrepreneur you know deep in your soul you were called to become, here’s how I can help you starting right now:

1. Clarify Your Purpose, Vision & Mission

Without total clarity, you will never have the full impact you were meant to have because you’ll be scattered & unfocused. frown

2. Create or Improve Your Profitable Training Program

Whether it’s a Coaching or Consulting Program, or an Online Course, it must be right for the people you’re meant to serve. smile

3. Promote & Market Your Program Effectively

The keyword here is “effectively.” In a way that works without you coming across as “pushy” or “spammy.” wink

4. Turn Interested Prospects Into Happy Clients

Sales is both an art and a science. I’ll help you sell more & in a way that your new Clients or Customers will thank you for it. laughing

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